Scholars at Risk

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Scholars at Risk: protecting academic freedom
In too many countries, those seeking power and control are working to limit access to information and new ideas by targeting scholars, restricting academic freedom and repressing research, publication and learning. Every day scholars are threatened and killed. Colleges and universities are pressured and shut down.

UAF Scholars at Risk is a joint initiative of the The Foundation for Refugee Students UAF and the Scholars at Risk network (SAR) to defend threatened and refugee scholars, academic freedom and university values worldwide.

Sanctuary in the Netherlands
Since 2009, the UAF provides sanctuary in the Netherlands and Belgium for scholars who suffer threats in their home country. Through temporary academic positions, we help scholars to escape dangerous conditions and to continue their important work. In return, scholars contribute to their host institutions through teaching, research, lectures and other activities.

Many scholars return to their home countries after their visits. When safe return is not possible, the UAF and SAR will work with scholars to identify opportunities to continue their work abroad.

VU University and Scholars at Risk
The VU University in Amsterdam has been working with the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF and Scholars at Risk since 2011 to give one scholar a year the opportunity to work safely at VU University. Thanks to a subsidy of the VU association, in the upcoming three years two extra scholars a year can have this opportunity. This year the subsidy amounts to €32.000

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Our partners

Protecting academic freedom

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Crowdgiving for Scholars at Risk

On November 4, Triodos Foundation launched a crowdgivingplatform: Give the Change. One of the projects  is Scholars at Risk (SAR). The goal is to raise €10.000,-. With this amount, a scholar at risk can work safely for a year at an educational institute in the Netherlands. If 400 people give €25,- each, we reach our goal! Click here and join Give the Change.

Courage to Think Monologues

Professor Felix Kaputu wanted to have nothing to do with politics in The Congo. Yet, he was arrested. He was allegedly involved in a banned opposition group. Kaputu's story was the inspiration for one of 'The Courage to Think Monologues'.

Do you want to emphasise the importance of academic freedom at your event? Show your audience the film about Felix Kaputu:

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What can you do?

You can also contribute to Scholars at Risk! Ask for attention for academic freedom with an action or a meeting, or enable a safe working environment for a scholar at your university. We provide you with advice and materials.

More information: Bodil Stelwagen at the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF. Phone +31 30 2520835 or email