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The UAF is a foundation specially established for refugee students and professionals.

We work together with educational institutions, companies and government agencies.

The UAF offers:

  • Advice on language schools.
  • Advice and support in choosing a study programme and preparing for it.
  • Advice and support while studying (secondary vocational education/higher professional education/university).
  • Advice and support during work-based learning: this means working and studying at the same time.
  • Advice and support in finding a job.
  • Support in preparing for the medical assessment (for medical practitioners).
  • The necessary financial support to enrol in a study programme.
  • A mentor is a volunteer who provides you with the necessary help, such as with the language, enlarging your network or finding employment.

To be eligible for support, there are a number of conditions that must be met. If you meet these conditions, you can register with the UAF.

But it is also possible that you meet all conditions, but we are still unable to support you. Another reason we may be unable to help you is that you do not belong to our target group. In both cases, we will try to give you tips to help you further if possible, so that you can take the necessary steps personally.

Are you a refugee student or professional and would like to receive support from the UAF? Due to a high workload and increasing waiting times, we have changed the consultation hour by phone to a consultation by e-mail. You can ask your question by sending an e-mail to vraag@uaf.nl, containing your phone number. We will contact you within four business days.

Do you not (yet) meet the language requirements? We give you a few language tips below.

It all starts with language! Language is important for making friends, building a network and finding a study programme or job. Below are some tips for practicing the Dutch language. Also make sure to visit a language school near you and ask about their language courses.

Language tips

  • Practice your Dutch through oefenen.nl and ERK Nederlands.
  • Find a language buddy! Go to the Het Begint met Taal website and find a volunteer organisation near you.
  • Volunteer! This can be done through Nederland Cares (Utrecht), the vrijwilligers vacaturebankhet VCA (Amsterdam) or your local volunteer centre (vrijwilligerscentrale).
  • Contact Dutch-speaking people and speak as much Dutch as possible.
  • Find information on the Staatsexamen programma 1 en 2.
  • Find information on inburgeren (integration).
  • Watch Dutch television shows on the Net in Nederland website with Dutch, English and Arabic subtitles.
  • Download free luisterboeken (audio books) from the library.
  • At the Taalhuis (‘language house’), several local organisations work together to provide help with language, math and digital skills like using a computer. Find a Taalhuis near you.

Future Learn
Future Learn is a free online Dutch language course provided by the University of Groningen. A three-week course starts at different times throughout the year. During the course, you learn Dutch phrases, greetings, vocabulary, numbers, spelling and grammar.

You can enrol in this free language education program at any time and work at your own pace. It is available for use on mobile phones and tablets and you can choose a variety of languages. We recommend the English-Dutch course. https://www.duolingo.com/

English-Dutch free online course funded by the EU. https://www.babbel.com/

Learn Dutch.org
This is a free online language course that uses videos and is built around the 1,000 most common words used in the Netherlands. There are separate courses for vocabulary and grammar. You also learn about various aspects of Dutch culture and society. http://www.learndutch.org/online-dutch-courses/

Dutch Grammar
On www.dutchgrammar.org you can download a PDF file on Dutch grammar in several languages.