Terms and conditions for support

When are you eligible for support from the UAF?

The UAF (Foundation for Refugee Students) was founded for refugee students and professionals.

We apply specific conditions for eligibility for support from the UAF. Below you can find a list of the conditions by situation.

Please note

No rights may be derived from the information on this website. Every application will be carefully examined and evaluated. Our aim is to help refugee students or professionals who need our support but the UAF is a foundation with limited resources. While you may fulfil all the conditions, we might not be able to provide assistance.

Contact us

Know that we always try to take your personal situation into account. Contact us for further information and applications. Even if you do not fall within our target group, we will gladly assist you with tips to take the necessary steps yourself. Call us at 030-2041504 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9.30 am until 12.30 pm. Or ask your question on Facebook or Twitter.

We also recommend the UAF Advisor for information and advice that is tailored to your situation.