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In almost all cases, a sustainable place in society starts with a study.

Preparing refugee students for the labor market

For refugee students, the step to regular education is usually not immediately possible. Together with educational institutions, we build bridges to make that step possible. We initiate work-study programmes, set up bridging programs and offer supervision during studies in the form of training courses, mentor programmes, financial support and study resources. We are therefore in constant dialogue with educational institutions. Where is extra guidance requested and where is it necessary to bring the right parties together?


This is what we do together with educational institutions:

We support refugee students with tailor-made programs during their studies.

What is self-evident for Dutch students – the language, the Dutch way of studying – is new for refugee students. Although this group is prepared to work hard, extra support is usually not an unnecessary luxury. How do you overcome a language deficit? Where do you learn to study? And who will guide you through the education system?

Educational institutions do not always have the resources and knowledge to offer this extra support to refugee students. That's when we come into the picture. With our tailor-made modules, we are able to offer refugee students very targeted support where they need it. Sometimes it is language support, sometimes it is financial support and other times we link a student to a mentor.

This page describes what we do for students.

A tailor-made program for refugee students to increase the chance of study success.

Sometimes extra support during a regular study is sufficient, in other cases it is advisable to prepare refugee students for a course in advance. We call such a program especially for refugee students a bridging programme. Many educational institutions have such a program. Bridging programs increase the chance of study success, prevent dropout and thus contribute to the development of knowledge and talent.

We help educational institutions to set up bridging programs. We share our knowledge and experience, help draw up a curriculum and provide training and workshops on request. Together with the educational institution, we ensure that a student is prepared for a regular course within six months or a year.

Together we prepare refugee students for a place on the labor market.

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, HAN University of Applied Sciences, Fontys Hogescholen, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences: all educational institutions with which we have developed special work-study programs in recent years. These work-study programs – usually collaborations between educational institutions, the business community, local authorities and the UAF – prepare refugee students for a sustainable place in the labor market.

A striking example is the successful project Status holders for the classroom, which started in Amsterdam and has since been copied to other regions. Participants in this program improve their language skills, become acquainted with the Dutch education system and also gain experience as a teaching assistant or intern. While learning and working, they also expand their professional network. Participants who successfully complete the work-study trajectory and pass the State Examination NT2 level II are eligible for the part-time teacher training (three years) or the lateral entry trajectory for teachers (two years).

We share our knowledge and experience within the various work-study programmes, help to draw up a suitable curriculum, provide workshops and training courses and, if desired, take on the supervision and/or financial support of the participants.

We ensure that all students have a chance to cross the finish line.

Studying is different all over the world. Starting or continuing your education in a new country therefore requires adaptability – not only from the refugee students in question, but also from educational institutions.

What are the (additional) needs of refugee students? What problems do they face? How can you help them? How do you promote communication and prevent dropout? These are questions to which we know the answers thanks to our years of knowledge and experience. We share what we know in workshops and tailor-made training courses for students and teachers. In this way we contribute to ensuring that all students have the best possible chance of reaching the finish line.

With your financial support, we ensure a promising future for refugee students and professionals.

A one-off donation, a fundraising campaign or a structural contribution: there are various ways to support us financially. In all cases, we use your contribution to help refugee students and professionals find a suitable place on the labor market. Building a sustainable existence, that is the goal.

Days off can be converted into a tax-free donation: small effort, big effect.

Many employees in the Netherlands have 'extra-statutory' days off. These days can easily be converted into a tax-free donation to the UAF. It is easy to arrange and therefore an attractive way to support us financially. Employees of the Vrije Universiteit already did it, as did employees of the University of Twente.

Over 440 employees of the UT collectively donated 3179 hours of leave. This resulted in a donation of eighty thousand euros. Did you know that it is also possible to exchange a Christmas package for a donation to us?

Make room for it mbo- transition education!

The survival of it mbo- bridging education is hanging by a thread and municipalities can change that. View the flyer and read why mbotransition year increases the chances of young status holders and what it takes to get one mbotransition year for these young status holders in the coming years.  

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