Working together on a sustainable start on the labor market

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Collaborate with the UAF

We have been representing the interests of refugee students and professionals for decades and are committed to their study and work opportunities, so that their talents can flourish again. We would be happy to discuss with you what it takes to recognize and invest in talent. 

During integration

Under the Civic Integration Act 2021, you as a municipality have the legal duty to process status holders to guide them to study and work. This involves all kinds of questions: How do you recognize talent among status holders? What are the right steps in guidance if there is a study wish? How do you guide a refugee doctor to a job that suits his or her qualities and experience? 

The UAF has about the knowledge and experience refugee students and professionals to provide the best possible guidance to a sustainable start on the Dutch labor market, through study and work. Customization and regional cooperation are the keys to success. For example, we guide status holders on their way to a profession in healthcare or coach them in finding and completing the right study programme. We also share our knowledge and provide advice to municipalities during the Broad Intake at the start of integration.*  

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After integration

The UAF can also be your sparring partner after integration. For example, when setting up work-study programs. Or offering tailor-made advice regarding the most suitable trajectory for a student or professional with 12 years of prior education. We also guide and advise refugee scientists in finding a job at an academic level in the Netherlands.  
Our guidance and programs are always in addition to what you do as a municipality.  

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UAF webinar for municipalities: How do you scan for talent?

Watch the webinar for customer managers: How do you scan for talent? This focuses on the role of the municipality in scanning talent among refugee students and professionals. How do you make a difference as a customer manager? What happens if a highly educated person does not get the opportunity to follow a program at his level? And what happens if someone does receive the guidance?  

Status holders talk about their positive and negative experiences. And the opportunities and challenges under the Wi2021 are also discussed.  

Interested in our range of services?

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