Use knowledge and talent, give refugee professionals a chance

Are you the next one we can add to the list of collaborating companies?

Refugee professionals are an enrichment for an organization

More and more companies know that refugee professionals with their talent, background, perseverance and in some cases work experience are an enrichment for an organization.
The UAF focuses on group-based tailor-made programs that meet the needs of the target group. Take ManpowerGroup, that Mona through a traineeship the opportunity to become a manager. Or Ammar, who has been going strong since his work experience position at the Dutch Railways. Dura Vermeer, the Rabobank, the UWV, Accenture, PwC and many others: the list of employers we work with is long.

'I have different talents than my colleagues'

Mona (from Iran)
Management trainee at ManpowerGroup

Play video about Corporate video Fatimazhra Belhirch

Smart collaboration with your organization

Make use of knowledge and talent and give refugee professionals a chance in your organization too! There are plenty of options. You can provide financial support, take action together with your employees, or offer group traineeships and work experience placements. 

Refugee professionals help organizations with:

  • Knowledge and talent
  • Life experience and willpower
  • A different culture and therefore a different view of things

More information? Check out our information materials or ask information pack


Use knowledge and talent, give refugees a chance in your organization

A job, work experience placement or internship can make all the difference.

The first blow is worth a dollar, especially for someone who does not have a network, does not know the work culture and does not yet speak Dutch fluently. It is worth giving recent graduates a chance. This group is motivated like no other to seize the opportunities they get. Moreover, their talent and knowledge are good. The investments, extra progress interviews for example, almost always pay off. 

Ahmad, about his work experience position at the NS: 'Most employers I applied to said: “It looks promising, but we are afraid of the language.” A first real job is very important. At NS I was given the opportunity to show myself. By having conversations and achieving results, they saw what they had to offer. When an internal vacancy came up, I grabbed my chance.' 

These are the options:

Constantly looking for staff? Graduated refugees bring knowledge and experience with them.

In recent years, we have developed special group trainee programs for graduate refugees with various companies. These programs, in which we provide guidance and support, lead to a structural influx of knowledge talent in your organization. Such a traineeship is of course the perfect opportunity for refugee students to show themselves.

Bashar, about the UWV traineeship: 'The traineeship seemed like a good way to further develop my language. I started the traineeship in March 2019, a few months later I was hired as a consultant'

read about the traineeship for refugees of the UWV
Read about Mona and her traineeship at ManpowerGroup

We appreciate the interest in the talented refugees that the UAF supervises and the idea of ​​coming into contact with candidates through our organization. The UAF focuses on group-based tailor-made programs and therefore does not do 1-to-1 vacancy matching. 

Studying and gaining work experience at the same time leads to sustainable labor integration.

Looking for mechanics, teachers, healthcare workers or other bright minds? 'The war on talent' is in full swing. By investing in talent during your studies, you involve the employees of tomorrow in your company at an early stage. Learning-working paths have proven to be a very effective way to recruit talent in groups training and helping companies to find skilled people. 

Download the brochure and read what the collaboration looks like, what the impact is and what the costs are. 

Your employees know the tricks of the trade and help our students and professionals on their way.

How do you find your way in a world that is new to you? Work cultures and methods differ from country to country, so it makes sense that a refugee professional needs time to adapt. So it's nice if you can turn to someone for advice. Through our mentoring program we match a refugee who is new to the field with an experienced professional. Spending a year together can make a world of difference for him or her. Such a process is also a valuable experience for the mentor.

PwC mentor Annemiek about her process with Lu: 'We drank coffee and got acquainted. I wanted to put Lu at ease and let her know that she can come to me with questions. I lived in South Africa for six years in my youth because of my father's work and I know a bit what it is like to settle somewhere where you just know the language and the culture.'

Read about it Accenture mentoring program

Our Regional Manager is happy to discuss the possibilities with you

Make a difference for refugee students and professionals with your company.

The UAF offers various options to support our work financially. In all cases, we use your contribution for the development of refugee students and professionals and their integration into the Dutch labor market.

Donations can be transferred to IBAN NL41INGB0000076300 in the name of the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF in Utrecht, BIC code INGBNL2A .

Do you want to organize a fundraiser with colleagues or customers? Then use our platform or via the app Give.

Want to know more first or make a donation to the UAF?
Please contact our donor service via

The UAF is registered with the Tax and Customs Administration as ANBI. Chamber of Commerce number 41177131, RSIN 002880957.

We make the difference with your printed matter, campaigns or advice.

We try to keep our costs as low as possible. After all: the more money we have left over, the more refugee students and professionals we can support and guide. That's why it's nice that there are companies that help us free of charge, for example with printing, campaigns, advice or design. Do you have something left, can you miss something? We are recommended.

Days off can be converted into a tax-free donation: small effort, big effect.

Many employees in the Netherlands have 'extra-statutory' days off. These days can easily be converted into a tax-free donation to the UAF. It is easy to arrange and therefore an attractive way to support us financially. Employees of the Vrije Universiteit already did it, as did employees of the University of Twente.

Over 440 employees of the UT collectively donated 3.179 hours of leave. This resulted in a donation of eighty thousand euros. Did you know that it is also possible to exchange a Christmas package for a donation to us?

Benefits to you

Collaborating with the UAF not only helps refugee students.
It also has many benefits for your organization:

Focus on the future

Get in touch with decisive
highly educated (potential) employees.

Rise in appreciation

Higher rating on it
CSR and diversity policy.

Social awareness

Showing social

More involvement

The involvement and motivation of your employees increase.

Expansion of network and constituency

Possibility to expand
your network and constituency.

Publicity of your brand

Publicity opportunities
to strengthen your brand.

Talking about a collaboration with the company you represent?

Do you also want to become a partner of the UAF? Do you want to create opportunities for refugee professionals within your company? We're up look for smart collaborations with the business community: together we make more impact! This not only benefits refugee professionals, it is also an enrichment for your company and your employees. 

Our Regional Manager would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you

Refugee professionals gain work experience at PwC

Since 2019, PwC has been working together with the UAF and the municipality of Amsterdam in the 'Seeds of PwC' project. Through a seven-month traineeship, refugee professionals are given the opportunity to gain experience within the assurance branch of the company. The aim of this project is to contribute to the integration of status holders in Dutch society. This has worked out positively and has become an annual initiative.

More information about the UAF?

We would be happy to provide you with an explanation of exactly what the UAF does and for whom. Of course you can consult our website for detailed information, but with our information package we explain our services and working method in a nutshell. Check out our information materials or ask information pack

We are happy to involve you in our work

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