We don't do it alone

That is why we work together with companies, funds, educational institutions and municipalities.

A tailor-made collaboration with the UAF

When knowledge, talent and the demand for personnel come together, the chances of sustainable labor integration are high. That is why we work together – with municipalities, educational institutions and employers.

For example, we help local authorities with the integration of newcomers, and we think along with educational institutions about switching work-study programme and we encourage companies to give refugee professionals a chance. And sometimes we do it all at once.

We can't do it alone. We do it together. With each other. 

Marc Borggreven, PwC:

'We help talented people with a unique and diverse background to increase their opportunities'

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Smart collaboration with your organization

More and more companies and institutions know that refugee professionals take an organization further. With knowledge and talent, with life experience and willpower, with different cultural baggage and a different view of things. Use knowledge and talent and give refugees a chance in your organization too!
There are plenty of options. We especially like smart, sustainable collaborations, but we are also helped with a
financial contribution or an employee fundraiser.

More information? Check out our information materials or ask information pack

Commit to talent development

We enjoy working with companies, funds, municipalities and educational institutions. Together we give space to knowledge and talent!

  • Use knowledge and talent, give refugee professionals a chance.
  • Working together on a sustainable start on the labor market.
  • Working together to make education accessible to everyone.

Benefits to you

Collaborating with the UAF not only helps refugee students. It also has many benefits for your organization:

Focus on the future

Get in touch with decisive
highly educated (potential) employees.

Rise in appreciation

Higher rating on it
CSR and diversity policy.

Social awareness

Showing social

More involvement

The involvement and motivation of your employees increase.

Expansion of network and constituency

Possibility to expand
your network and constituency.

Publicity of your brand

Publicity opportunities
to strengthen your brand.

We like to work smart together

On Diversity Day, NS and the UAF signed a new agreement. This is a continuation of the successful collaboration that started 5 years ago and which gives refugee professionals the opportunity to gain work experience at one of the largest employers in the Netherlands.

More information about the UAF?

We would be happy to provide you with an explanation of exactly what the UAF does and for whom. Of course you can consult our website for detailed information, but with our information package we explain our services and working method in a nutshell. Check out our information materials or ask information pack

We are happy to involve you in our work

What can you expect in your mailbox every six weeks?

  • Personal and inspiring stories of refugees
  • What the UAF does and our great collaborations with NS, Heijmans, L'Oreal and many more
  • Tips on how you as an organization can contribute
  • The last news
  • Announcement of our events

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