Integrity policy

Our basic attitude is trust

At UAF, we put the people with and for whom we work first. Our basic attitude is trust. Integrity is an important value for UAF. Taking into account each other and the values ​​of others, respecting other people's property, these are things that we usually do automatically.

However, there may be situations in daily work where people are faced with dilemmas regarding integrity. Using it integrity policy we offer tools to employees, clients and volunteers to be more aware of this.
You may be confronted with an integrity issue. First discuss this with the person concerned. If you cannot come to an agreement together, please contact us. There are several options for this:

Code of conduct

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Whistleblower Policy

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Complaints Procedure

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Dealing with integrity violations - roadmap

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Internal confidential counselor
Marjoleine van de Zande

External confidential counsellor
Roelof-Kan de Wild – (GIMD)
088 - 800 8500

Integrity officer  
Mary Fox 
06 – 2245869 

Email to
Or letter to:
UAF attn. complaints coordinator
P.O. Box 14300
3508 SK Utrecht