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We are an independent foundation that represents the interests of refugee students and professionals. In smart and effective ways we offer refugees opportunities to develop further in the field of study and work. We help them on their way with advice, guidance, financial support and through the use of our network.

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We don't do it alone. Just because of smart to work together we make an impact.

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Hungarian students 1956

The oldest refugee organization in the Netherlands

It all started in 1948, when a student uprising in Prague was crushed. Fifty Czech students and teachers fled to the Netherlands.

At the initiative of the Dutch universities, they were given the opportunity to continue their studies and work in the Netherlands. That was the beginning of the University Asylum Fund, the UAF.

Our mission and vision

We are convinced that anyone who can use their knowledge is meaningful in the Netherlands. That is why we are committed to it. With our knowledge and experience, we advise and connect refugees, educational institutions, (local) governments and employers.

What is the difference between coming together and going further together? Refugee students left a lot behind, but took their knowledge with them. If this knowledge is given the space in the Netherlands, a world of possibilities will open up. A world in which the refugee student or professional is meaningful again.

That is not easy. The knowledge that refugees bring with them must be seen. Discovers. Developed. Translated and applied. Like a secret language that is deciphered by the refugee and the Netherlands together. How? We know that.

TSJ HAN certificate 8 July 2021

That's how we work

We are committed to the interests of refugee students and professionals in the Netherlands. Together with educational institutions, employers and municipalities, we create opportunities in the field of study and work.

We actively share our knowledge and experience, stimulate regional cooperation and develop new, smart routes to the labor market in sectors where there are job opportunities (including healthcare, technology, education).

We offer modular guidance and financial support for refugee students and professionals. This is in addition to existing facilities. In this way we offer exactly the support that is needed.

We don't do it alone

As a foundation, we depend on donors, companies, educational institutions, the National Postcode Lottery, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, funds, foundations, associations, service clubs and volunteers. We work with around 140 employers, over 40 municipalities and all higher education institutions. We share our knowledge and experience and together devise innovative routes to work. Are you participating? Find out how you can help here and what options we offer to work together.

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This gives us work

Every year we guide an average of 3.200 refugee students and professionals who together follow more than 4.000 guidance modules

A passionate group of professionals

A diverse group of professionals works at UAF: talented and experienced people with different cultural backgrounds. We have one thing in common: we work with all our hearts to create opportunities for refugee students and professionals. After all, we have had those opportunities ourselves. Do you want to work with us?

UAF 2023
Regional meeting South West

The Organisation

Foundation for Refugee Students UAF has a director who leads the organization and a Supervisory Board that provides supervision. Mirjam Huisman is director of the UAF. Maarten van Beek is chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Click on the button below for more information about the organization, the Supervisory Board, Committee of Recommendation and statutes and regulations.

We are a recognized charity

We have an ANBI status and are one by it CBF recognized charity. View here our recognition report. In our investment statute describes what the UAF does with financial resources that are not immediately necessary for the implementation of the policy. Based on this statute, we only invest substantial, unbudgeted income. In addition, we have an integrity and conduct code that is part of us integrity policy .

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