Disagree with municipality's advice

The municipality will make a plan together with you to find a job that suits you. This can be done through study, a course, volunteer work or a paid job. The municipality will give you advice about this. Maybe you don't agree with that or the municipality does not offer what you need. For information, contact the UAF so that we can advise you and report your problem to the municipality.

What can the UAF do for me?

During the broad intake

Do you disagree with the municipality's advice? For example, does the municipality consider the B1-route to work the best option for you? But would you rather do the education route because you can move to mbo, hbo or wo? Or does your municipality not support an additional language course towards B2 or IELTS? Please contact contact us. The UAF will talk to you to clarify how we can help you. We look at what you encounter in contact with the municipality. The UAF can contact your municipality to discuss the options.  

Registration conditions 

  • You have a Dutch residence permit on the basis of asylum. 
  • You have completed prior training in your country of origin. This is comparable to the Dutch HAVO 5 level or 12 years of pre-education.  
  • You speak English or Dutch at an advanced level. 

Do you disagree with the PIP?

Do you disagree with the agreements in the PIP? The UAF cannot help you change the agreements in the PIP. Talk to the municipality about the agreements you want to change. You can change the agreements together with your contact person at the municipality if there are good reasons for doing so. 

Do you want to change your learning route? You can switch learning routes. This can be done several times, but within a year and a half. For example from the B1 route to the Education route. Give good reasons why you want to prepare for a study through a language transition program. 

Does the municipality not want to change the agreements in your PIP? Then you can object. You can contact your supervisor or the local refugeework department to help you with this. Here you can see if Refugee work is active in your municipality. Is refugeework not active in your municipality? Then you can contact it Legal Counter. 

Please note: objecting to the PIP is a legal procedure that costs money. Make sure someone in your area can give you good advice about this, for example a counselor from the Dutch Council for Refugees. Here are the steps to appeal: How can I appeal against a government decision? (central government). 

Do you disagree with the municipality's advice?

Do you disagree with the municipality's advice? Complete the form below so that we can advise you and report your problem to the municipality.

Please note: complete the form in Dutch or English. 

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