The learning routes

Educated status holders

Do you have more than ten years of prior training in your country of origin? Have you studied or are you a professional in a field? Then the B1 route may suit you. You can switch of road.This can be done several times, but must be done within a year and a half.Do you want to switch from the B1 route to the education route? Then need to do this within a year and a half. You can switch from the education route to the B1 route at any time. After a route you can move on to study or a job a a level that suits you. Below you can read more about following the education route and the B1 route. 


Education route

The purpose of the education route is that you are going to prepare for a full-time study mbo-level 2, 3 or 4, hbo or wo. During the education route you follow a language transition program. You learn the Dutch language at language level B1 or higher and you are preparing for further education. You are taught subjects you need for your further education. You will also learn study and presentation skills. Is the language transition program too difficult? You can then switch to the B1 route and take exams at language level A2 or B1. Then, you can not progress to a training course mbo-level 2 or higher. 

The UAF and the education route

The UAF does not offer integration education. When you have finished the education route, we can help you with your study start. We can also help you with the choosing a study that fits you. We do this in consultation with your municipality. Check out our support pages what the registration conditions are for getting support before and during a study.  

B1 route

The purpose of the B1 route is to learn the Dutch language on the highest possible level: at least language level B1but B2 or even C1 if that suits you. In addition, the purpose of the B1 route is to start preparing for work. The UAF believes it is important that you learn at the level that suits your ambitions. In order to be able to work at a high level in the Netherlands, it is important to learn Dutch at least language level B2. This language level is required to progress to study or work from level MBO 3, 4 and higher.

In addition to learning the language, the following options are available within the B1 route:

  • The subjects you need for further education. For example: You have already obtained a bachelor's or master's degree in your country of origin. You do not have to follow a full transition year or educational route. You only get the subjects you need for your further education. Do you have passed the subjects you need within the BXNUMX route? ? Then you can even flow into one bachelor study or master's degree. .
  • Follow a work-study program in healthcare, technology or education. During the first 6 months you often start by learning the professional language and learning work skills. Then you do an internship or work at a company. look at the work-study programme that the UAF offers in collaboration with municipalities, educational institutions and employers.  
  • Other programs where you combine study or work. 


What they offer within the B1 route varies greatly per municipality. Ask your contact person at the municipality what the exact options are. 

The UAF and the B1 route

The options within the B1 route differ per municipality. You can also receive guidance of the UAF as a make appointments about this with your local authority. The UAF does not have agreements with all municipalities. You always can contact us for advice of if you have any doubts about the options in your municipality. For example, if you want to learn the Dutch language at a higher level, but the municipality does not offer this.  

Z route

The aim of the Z-route is that you can participate in Dutch society. The Z route is for people who have difficulty learning the Dutch language. In the Z-route you learn as much Dutch as possible at your level. You also do activities and volunteer work to participate in society. Have you completed any training?? Then the B1 route or the education route is better for you.