Broad intake and Plan Integration and Participation Plan (PIP)

The purpose of the broad intake is for the municipality to get to know you. The municipality will discuss your goals, your experience with working and studying and your capabilities. Together with you the municipality will draw up a plan for your integration and future in the Netherlands, an Integration and Participation Plan. This happens in 10 weeks.  

Broad intake

During the broad intake, the municipality will have one or more conversations with you. This is different in every municipality. It also varies per municipality when the broad intake starts. Sometimes the broad intake starts while you are still living in the asylum seekers' center. The broad intake usually starts once you have acquired a house in the municipality.  

The broad intake consists of three parts.  

  • Learnability test: During the broad intake you take the learnability test. This test shows whether you can achieve language level B1 within the integration period of 3 years. 
  • Research your work experience and what kind of education you have had. 
  • Research your personal circumstances. For example, whether you have children and your health.   

Prepare broad intake 

A good preperation is important for the meeting with the municipality. For example, make a curriculum vitae (CV) of your experience with study, work or voluntary work. Check out our instructional video about making a good CVand collect information about the possibilities in the Netherlands. Take a look at our advice pages. 

Integration and Participation Plan (PIP)

After the broad intake, the municipality draws up an Integration and Participation Plan (PIP). This contains the agreements you have made with the municipality. For example agreements about: 

  • which learning path you will follow 
  • the language school where you will follow your integration classes 
  • Day-care 


The municipality has the task to guide you to work and study as best as possible. They will always try to do this. However, you may not agree with the advice. Do you have any doubts about the advice you received after the broad intake with your municipality? Or do you think there are not enough options for you? Look at what the UAF can do for you.