Program for refugee scientists

The program for refugees scientists is for scientists with a refugee backgroundd. Are you a refugee? academic and do you want to get your PhD in the Netherlands? Or have you already obtained a PhD in your country of origin and do you want to find work in the Netherlands that suits you? During this program you will get to know the academic culture of the Netherlands and you will be prepared to work within or outside science.  

What can the UAF do for me?

The UAF can help you with orientation and preparing for the academic field in the Netherlands. We do this together with you to orientate your field of work. We support you with applying for jobs and building a network. We can also support you in passing subjects and skills you need to achieve your goals.  


Junior researchers

Are you a junior researcher and do you want to get a PhD?We helpwith learningthe skills you need to get a PhD in the Netherlands.We also help you with orientating in the professional field.   

Senior researchers

Are you a senior researcher with a PhD in your home country? Then you bring valuable knowledge and experience with you. You already have research experience or have worked in a specialized knowledge position. The UAF will guide you in finding one job at an academic level inside or outside science. We will help you to determine what is needed for you to take the next step.  

What are the fees?

The UAF can financially support you, for example, with language courses in English or Academic Dutch and other courses that are necessaryfor your plan. We can also provide support with travel expenses and other costs related to study or work. We look at the possibilities together with you.Read more aboutreceive and repay financial contributions. 

What are the conditions for the refugee scientist program?

  • You have a valid residence permit that allows you to work. 
  • Your Dutch is at language level B1. Although the academic language is mainly English, we know from experience that a higher level of Dutch (at least B1) is expected of you.  
  • Your English is at language level B2. The academic language is English. If you want to work in this field, you are expected to read and write many articles in English.
  • The following applies to junior researchers: You have a diploma that is valued at master's level in the Netherlands.
  • The following applies to senior researchers:You have demonstrably obtained a PhD in your country of origin. 

Hestia research program - Impulse for Refugees in Science?

Hestia is a research program of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). With this program, NWO makes it possible to finance an appointment for refugee academics who live in the Netherlands and have a temporary or permanent residence permit. This program is linked with current Dutch research projects. This way you build a network, get to know the Dutch science system and increase your knowledge and skills.  

The UAF helps you find a job at an academic level. Inside or outside science. For example, as a research assistant, PhD student or researcher at an educational institution, research institute, government or library. A temporary job through the HESTIA program is also possible, for more information see the NWO website. 

The UAF collaborates with NWO in the Hestia program. If you would like support in registering for this program, please register at the UAF. If you start with a Hestia grant, you will be supported by the UAF.