• Are you looking for an education or job? Could you use some guidance in making a good study choice? 
  • Are you going to study soon and would you like to get in touch with Dutch students? 
  • Do you want to know how you can best present yourself on the Dutch labor market? 
  • Are you looking for help with the medical assessment or with finding an internship? 

For these questions we link refugee students to a mentor. A mentor is deployed to guide refugees in their studies and work. The mentor is often a Dutch student or professional who shares his or her experience and network with a refugee.

UAF Mentor couple

There are 3 different mentoring tracks:

What are the fees?

We will pay any travel expenses you may have. Our mentors are volunteers. So you don't have to pay for a mentor.

medical mentor couple sinidu stannie

What are the registration conditions?

Are you already a client of the UAF?

Then first discuss the following points with your learning path counsellor:

  • What exactly do you need from a mentor?
  • Do you have time for contact with your mentor about 2 times a month, 2 to 3 hours each time?
  • Do you have time and can a mentor help you further? Then register one by one with your counselor.

Are you not yet a client of the UAF?

Then read more about our general minimum conditions which you must comply with.

What can I expect?

A mentoring process takes 6 to 9 months. This depends on the type of mentoring process. The process consists of several parts:

It is important that the mentor is a good fit for you, because you will be working together for a while. We therefore look closely at your question. For example: do you need guidance with regard to a choice of study, with finding work or with the medical assessment? We also look at your place of residence. Because it's best if your mentor doesn't live too far away. If we have found a good match, we will send you an email. Your mentor will then contact you as soon as possible.

Together with your mentor you plan an appointment for a first meeting. During this appointment you will see if there is a 'click' between you.

Together with your mentor you discuss which goals you want to achieve during the mentoring process. You put this in the starting document. You will receive this document from us. The goals form the basis for your journey. 

Mentor couple Mohamad & Leonie

An Accenture consultant as a mentor, Mohamad liked that. He was paired with Leonie. That trajectory provided valuable insights for the rest of his career and hers.

Mohamad and Leonie are a mentor couple