Everything starts with language! Language is important to build a network and to find a study or job. For example, you need B1 level Dutch for most MBO courses and B2 or higher for a HBO or WO course. If you want to work, C2 level Dutch is often expected. Even if you want to do an English-language course or the medical assessment, you will have to deal with language requirements. The UAF can support you with this.

What can the UAF do for me?

Language advice

The UAF can give you advice about what language level is required for your plan. We know which language schools are good and can advise you which language school suits your needs. Sometimes you can also get started with an online language course, for example via the UAF Academy.

Professional language

Professional language is language that belongs to a specific profession. Consider, for example, legal or medical professions, but also in technology or construction. If you want to study or do work that requires professional language, the UAF can help you. We will give you advice about the courses you need and where it is best to do them.

If you want to work in healthcare. Please also take a look at the page support with the medical assessment. Here you can find more information about the medical assessment, how it works and what the language requirements are.


Do you want to improve your Dutch so that you can do a study that suits you? The UAF can advise and guide you. We can help you prepare for the NT2 exam or advise you which course you can follow to increase your language level.


If you want to study in English in the Netherlands, an IELTS or TOEFL certificate is often required. The UAF can support you in the preparation and during the courses.

Mentor couple

What are the fees?

We can reimburse the costs of your language course and travel expenses, depending on your personal situation. You will partly or completely repay the costs that UAF pays for you. Read more about receive and repay financial contributions.

We do not reimburse integration courses. Please contact DUO or your municipality.

What are the registration conditions for language support from the UAF?

You must at least meet these conditions:

  • You have a Dutch residence permit on the basis of asylum*.
  • You received your residence permit no longer than 5 years ago (date of decision).
  • You have started a Dutch language course at B1 level. Haven't you started yet with language level B1? Then read our page language advice what you can do yourself.
  • You have followed a previous education in your country of origin. This one is similar
    to Dutch HAVO 5 level or 12 years of pre-education. Are you interested in a training or work-study program at MBO level? Then 10 or 11 years of pre-school education or HAVO 3 level may also be sufficient. 

Additional conditions

Depending on the support you receive from us, there are additional conditions. Do you want to know exactly how we can support you and what conditions apply? Go to the page how can we help you? . 

For only financial support from the UAF, you must have proof of enrollment and proof of admission to a study programme. If you have already been a UAF client before, we will check whether you already have a loan from the UAF.

For asylum seekers in proceedings different conditions apply:

  • You have applied for asylum in the Netherlands and an asylum procedure is ongoing.
  • You are in your first asylum procedure.
  • You have had the second interview/further hearing with the IND and you are still waiting for a decision from the IND
    After a negative decision from the IND, you received a positive decision from the court. (Your first procedure is again being processed by the IND.) If there is a repeat asylum application (HASA) or an appeal pending, you cannot register.
  • You have a valid W document
  • You speak English or Dutch at an advanced level.
  • You have followed a previous education in your country of origin comparable to the Dutch havo 5 level or 12 years of pre-education.
  • If there are developments in your asylum procedure during your registration at the UAF, this may have consequences for the support that the UAF can offer.

    Note: You cannot receive support from the UAF to start work immediately without a residence permit.

More information about support for asylum seekers in procedure.

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Before we register you at the UAF, we will first contact you to discuss your request for help and how we can support you exactly.

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