Study preparation
for refugee students and professionals

You want to continue studying in the Netherlands and you already have an idea of ​​which course you want to follow. But how does studying in the Netherlands work? And how does the admission work? We support you with our years of experience in preparing for your study.

What can the UAF do for me?

Help with catching up

Do you not meet the admission requirements for your study? The UAF advises you which preperation is the best for your studyplan. This could, for example, be a language course. Sometimes you just need extra math lessons or lessons in another subject. Have you passed all the subjects you need? Then you can start the training.

Do you also need to work on your Dutch and are you not yet familiar with the educational system? Then a transition year (schakeljaar) can be better for you.

Help with your study start

Are you starting a study soon? There are often many things you need to arrange. For example, registering for the study, applying for student grants of lifelong learning credit and arranging you credential valuationWe help you with information and advice.

What are the fees?

Did you receive your residence permit after the 1st of January 2022? Then the municipality is responsible for your study preparation. Ask about the opportunities at your municipality.

Are you integrating under the Integration Act 2013? And do you have a funding from DUO? Then the UAF may be able to support you. You will partly or completely repay the costs that UAF pays for you. Whether you repay all the costs or a smaller amount depends on your personal situation. LEEA more about receive and repay financial contributions.

What are the registration requirements for the UAF?

You must at least meet these conditions:

  • You have a Dutch residence permit on the basis of asylum*.
  • You received your residence permit no longer than 5 years ago (date of decision).
  • You have started a Dutch language course at B1 level. Haven't you started yet with language level B1? Then read our page language advice what you can do yourself.
  • You have followed a previous education in your country of origin. This one is similar
    to Dutch HAVO 5 level or 12 years of pre-education. Are you interested in a training or work-study program at MBO level? Then 10 or 11 years of pre-school education or HAVO 3 level may also be sufficient. 
  • In addition, the schools and universities have their own admission requirements.
  • Did you receive your residence permit after the 1st of January 2022? Then the municipality is responsible for your study preparation. You can contact UAF for advice.

Additional conditions

Depending on the support you receive from us, there are additional conditions. Do you want to know exactly how we can support you and what conditions apply? Go to the page how can we help you? . 

For only financial support from the UAF, you must have proof of enrollment and proof of admission to a study programme. If you have already been a UAF client before, we will check whether you already have a loan from the UAF.

For asylum seekers in proceedings different conditions apply:

  • You have applied for asylum in the Netherlands and an asylum procedure is ongoing.
  • You are in your first asylum procedure.
  • You have had the second interview/further interview with the IND and you are still waiting for a decision from the IND. 
    After a negative decision from the IND, you received a positive decision from the court. (Your first procedure is again being processed by the IND.) If there is a repeat asylum application (HASA) or an appeal pending, you cannot register.
  • You have a valid W document
  • You speak English or Dutch at an advanced level.
  • You have followed a previous education in your country of origin comparable to the Dutch havo 5 level or 12 years of pre-education.
  • If there are developments in your asylum procedure during your registration at the UAF, this may have consequences for the support that the UAF can offer.

    Note: You cannot receive support from the UAF to start work immediately without a residence permit.

More information about support for asylum seekers in procedure.

For refugees
from Ukraine look here for more information.

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Blessing Osemwengie (31): 'In Nigeria I learned everything by heart, which is not necessary in the Netherlands. This is about the application of knowledge, which is a big difference.'


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Before we register you at the UAF, we will first contact you to discuss your request for help and how we can support you exactly.

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