Everything starts with language!

Do you want to study or find a job in the Netherlands? Or do you want to build a network? Then language is very important. For example, you need B1 level Dutch for most MBO courses and B2 or higher for a HBO or WO course. If you want to work, C2 level Dutch is often expected. Even if you want to do an English-language course or the medical assessment, you will have language requirements.

Have you already started a Dutch level B1 course? Then the UAF may be able to support you with your help request. Have you not started yet, or do you want to get started yourself? Then this page contains tips and links where you can start.

Mentor couple

Pay integration

Two situations apply to paying for your integrations 

Then you can borrow money from the Education Executive Agency (DUO) for a language course. This is only possible at an approved school. You can also borrow money for the Nt2 State Exam. At inburgeren.nl you can read everything about integration and choosing and paying for language courses.

Do you want to choose a language school? First check which language school is nearest to you. It is important that the language school has the Blik op Werk quality mark (BOW quality mark). At www.zoekinburgerschool.nl you will find more information.

You are covered under the new Integration Act. This means that the municipality will guide you with your integration. The municipality will draw up a personal plan together with you. We call this the integration and participation plan (PIP). The plan suits your options. For example, the plan states:

  • which course you will take and at which school
  • at which language level you will learn Dutch
  • whether you have to take an exam and which exam

The municipality arranges and pays for the course and also the first two exam attempts. This applies to all exam components. You cannot borrow money from DUO. Read at inburgeren.nl more about the new Integration Act.

UAF Academy

Do you want to improve your Dutch? That is possible with the UAF AcademyThis is the UAF's online learning platform. Here you can start learning Dutch in your own time and at your own pace. For more information and registration conditions, go to uaf.nl/academy.

Refugee work

Also ask at the local department Refugee work in your municipality. They can tell you what opportunities there are for learning and practicing your Dutch. 

Find a language buddy

Learning Dutch can be quite difficult. That is why speaking Dutch together is a good way to practice. This can be done with a language buddy. A language buddy is a volunteer with whom you meet regularly. You can ask questions, do exercises together or just have a nice chat. There are various organizations that can help you find a language buddy. On the website It starts with language you will find an overview. Enter your place of residence and see which organizations are close to you. Contact them and ask about the possibilities. 

Language tips

Below you will find a number of tips for practicing the Dutch language. Do you not have a residence permit yet? Or are you unable to take a standard language course? Then these tips are also useful for you!

Useful websites for learning the Dutch language:  


Online courses 


  • DUO lingo translation (vocabulary, sentence structure), grammar, extended and op topic 
  • The It App use of de and het 
  • Anki simple memory cards for vocabularywith sound   

General language tips 

  • Free Download audiobooks of the library 
  • Find a language house (Taalhuis) near you. Several organizations work together in a Taalhuis to help people with language, math or digital skills such as using the computer.  

Sign up & advice

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