The UAF starts the UAF Academy for refugees on hold

Overview of online training courses at the UAF Academy for Members

At the UAF we receiverequests for help from refugee students and professionals every day. Not everybody ist immediately eligible for guidance by the UAF. This applies, for example, to refugees who still live in an asylum seekers' center and are waiting for a residence permit. Or for refugees with a residencepermit that waiting for the start of integration 

UAF Academy

Waiting affects every refugee. Waiting too long has a major impact on well-being. With the UAF Academy, het UAF support on the practical preparations that a refugee can make during this waiting period. That's why . has the UAF, in collaboration with partner Study tube, developed the online learning and development platform 'UAF Academy'. Starting this week can not be purchased refugee students and professionals on hold register as a UAF Member and stuff toegang to get till thethey service*. Can be on the platform zij take online courses to improve have an updated Dutch and English language skills. Also there is information here too find out what the possibilities are in terms of study and work in the Netherlands. With Dthis service can it UAF vluchtelingen earlier and more concrete support in preparing for their new future in the Netherlands. 

Terms & conditions register here UAF Member

UAF Member has been developedld for asylum seekers and vluchtelingen with a previous education of 12 years its general have the ambition om to work or study MBO 3 level or higher. These are the programs that the UAF traditionally supports and offers. Also Ukrainian refugees underTemporary Protection guideline traps can register as a UAF Member and use the UAF Academy. The offer at the UAF Academy is in Dutch and English, which is why a average knowledge of it Dutch and/or the English expected. The offer at the UAF Academy will be expanded and evaluated in the future so that the platform is continuously improved.  

Read more about UAF Member here, how you can register and what the conditions are.  

* De UAF Academy already was available for people who have it UAF already in guidance with e-learnings that match them procedure. 

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