Donating with a tax advantage: arranged in no time

Make smart use of the tax benefit
on gifts with a periodic donation

Donate with a tax advantage​

Want to help refugee students and professionals on their way and benefit from tax benefits? This is possible with a periodic donation. For example, your annual contribution is fully tax-deductible and you will receive a refund from the tax authorities.

Are you planning to support us for a longer period of time?

Then it is smart to record your periodic donation in a donation agreement for at least 5 years. For example, you can state your donation in full as a deductible item in your income tax return and you will receive a refund from the Tax and Customs Administration. This way you can donate more without it costing you more net.

UAF Mentor couple

What are the advantages?

  • You will receive part of your donation back from the Tax and Customs Administration. This depends on your income and that of your tax partner, if any. 
  • You decide yourself what amount you donate.
  • You can choose to keep this tax benefit yourself or to donate more without it costing you more net.
  • You give the UAF the certainty to continue to support refugee students and professionals.
  • You can choose to have a fixed amount collected annually, monthly or quarterly.
  • Your entire gift benefits our clients, because UAF does not have to pay gift tax thanks to its ANBI status. 

Ready in five steps

  • 1
    Determine how much you want to give using the donation calculator Donation service.*
  • 2
    Download the fillable periodic donation agreement in. Print and sign the agreement.
  • 3
    Send the agreement in an envelope without a stamp to:
    Foundation for Refugee Students UAF Attn Donateursservice Antwoordnummer 8819 3500 ZK Utrecht.
  • 4
    You may also email it to We process the agreement and you will receive the original back from us for your administration.
  • 5
    Your agreement contains a unique reference and the RSIN of the UAF (002880957) that you must enter with the tax return.

Your agreement ends when:

  • The end date on the agreement has passed;
  • You become incapacitated for work or become involuntarily unemployed;
  • The UAF loses its ANBI status or files for bankruptcy.


* The UAF is not liable for any inaccuracies in the donation calculator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Tax and Customs Administration has determined that ordinary donations are deductible to a limited extent. With a periodic donation agreement, you receive a tax benefit on the total donation amount. On the website of ANBI you will find a calculation tool with which you can calculate (an indication of your) tax benefit. You can even increase your donation amount by being smart with this tax benefit. Gross gives you more, but net you keep paying the same. 

If you are married or have a registered partnership, your partner must also sign. This is what the Tax and Customs Administration has determined. This does not apply to a cohabitation contract. In the event of a divorce: as long as the divorce has not yet been pronounced by the court, your spouse must still co-sign the agreement.

No, you can also transfer the amount to us yourself, stating the transaction number on your agreement. Please note: your entitlement to a gift deduction does require that the agreed amount is transferred annually. It is easier for both you and us to have this done automatically.

Yes, you can cancel at any time, but if you do so before the minimum term of five years, your entitlement to deduction for donations will lapse when you file your tax return. This applies retroactively. If you have donated for three years and then cancel, you must repay the tax benefit of the three previous years to the Tax and Customs Administration.

Yes, indefinitely means that the agreement runs until you cancel it yourself. Please note: here too, if you cancel within the minimum period of five years (required for the tax authorities), your gift is not deductible. This applies retroactively. If you have donated for three years, you must repay the tax benefit of the three previous years to the Tax and Customs Administration. The advantage of an agreement for an indefinite period is that you do not have to fill in another form after five years.

Unfortunately, this is not possible, because the amount is fixed in the periodic donation agreement. If you want to increase the amount, you can take out a second agreement for a minimum of 5 years.

Charities designated as ANBI have received a decision containing a unique number: the RSIN (Legal Entities Collaborations Information Number). In the example forms, a charity must fill in this individual RSIN. The RSIN (formerly tax number) of the UAF is 002880957.

The Tax and Customs Administration has determined that including your citizen service number is a condition for the tax deductibility of your regular donation.

No, your agreement ends after the period of at least five years you have chosen. If you have opted for an indefinite period, you can cancel after five years.

Gifts you made in the year in which the agreement starts do not count, because you set a specific amount in the agreement. All additional gifts in addition to your agreement also do not count. The normal rules for deductibility apply to this.

No, since 2014 it is no longer necessary to have a civil-law notary draw up a deed. You can now enter into an agreement with us directly. This has lowered the threshold for many people to also use the tax benefit.

What your exact tax benefit is depends on, among other things, your income and the conditions set by the tax authorities. The tax authorities provide more information about this your exact tax benefit

More information?

For a conversation or more information, please contact our donor service via of 030 – 252 08 35

For specific tax questions about donating, please visit the or at the tax telephone: 0800 – 0543

Mrs Feitsma-Eisma

Donor and former employee of UAF

'I have always followed the UAF. After my husband died thirteen years ago, I wondered: I support so many charities, why not the UAF? I have contacted and now support the UAF with a periodic donation. It was an old love, a love I still felt involved with.'

Mrs Feitsma

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