You can help the UAF in many ways

Give refugees the chance to develop

Thanks to the involvement and support of more than 20.000 donors, we can guide nearly 4.000 refugees each year in their studies and work. Will you help too? Here's what you can do:

John Saltberg

'Our system keeps a large group of people powerless'

Donate once or structurally

You can easily set up a one-off or structural donation. Help us and give refugee students and professionals the opportunity to develop their talent, knowledge and experience in the Netherlands. Then you not only help them, but society as a whole.

Set up a named fund or make a special donation

Do you want to support a specific project or do something special? This can be done in two ways, through your own named fund or with a special gift.

In both cases, we will keep you informed of the results we achieve thanks to your donation.

Donate with a tax benefit

Are you planning to support us for a longer period of time? Then record your periodic donation in a donation agreement and enter your donation as a deductible item in the income tax return. You will receive up to 49,50% of your donation back.

Include the UAF in your will

With a legacy you pass on your ideals. By including the UAF in your will now, you later contribute to the development of knowledge and talent of refugee students and professionals.