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Are you a refugee and would you like to study or work in the Netherlands? The UAF was specially founded for refugee students and professionals who asked for or received asylum in the Netherlands. We collaborate with education institutions, companies and municipalities. Find information in your own language here: English, French, العربية, فارسی and ትግርኛ.

We apply specific conditions for eligibility for support from the UAF. You can read more about these conditions here.

Do you want to find out more? Fill in the UAF Advisor below or contact us. Due to a high workload and increasing waiting times, we have changed the consultation hour by phone to a consultation by e-mail. You can ask your question by sending an e-mail to vraag@uaf.nl, containing your phone number. We will contact you in four business days. You can also ask your question through Facebook or Twitter. Our webcare team is standing by to answer your questions!

Welcome to the UAF Advisor

Please answer the questions in the UAF Advisor to receive tailored advice. You can then contact us by phone to apply for (financial) support from the UAF.

Our aim is to help any refugee students or professionals who need our support, but the UAF is a foundation with limited resources. We depend on donations and contributions.

It may occur that even if you do meet all conditions, we might not be able to provide you with assistance. Another reason we might not be able to assist you is because you do not fall within our target group. In both cases, we will still try to assist you as much as possible with tips, so you can take the necessary steps yourself.


Do you want to become a client again?

Have you ever been a UAF client, and do you want support from us again? Please send an email to vraag@uaf.nl with your request and phone number, we will contact you in four days.