If you are new to The Netherlands a lot of things can be complex and unfamiliar. On this page you find information for refugees in your own language: فارسی, Somali, العربية, English, دری, Français, and ትግርኛ. As long as you do not have the Dutch language yet, it is difficult to find and understand the right information. While you have to arrange all sorts of important matters on topics such as:


Give yourself the chance to get the language up to standard.
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Do you want to (continue to) study so you can go back to work later on?
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Learn and work

You want to combine studying and working
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Directly to work

You want to start working right away
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Welcome to the UAF Advisor

Would you like to apply for a study program or a job in The Netherlands? Do you need advice? Answer the questions in the UAF Advisor. Once you have answered all of the questions, you will receive a recommendation that fits your situation.

In addition to information and advice, UAF also provides guidance and financial support. In 2019, the UAF will accept around 1100 new applications. However, we expect a lot more requests. It is possible that you meet all the criteria, but that we can not support you anyway. In that case we give you tips on what you can do yourself.

You can complete the UAF Advisor if you:

  • are a refugee or an asylum seeker
  • have the necessary qualifications for studying at a higher education level
  • are proficient in Dutch or English
  • are willing to learn the Dutch language at an advanced level and you are capable of studying independently
  • have not graduated for a Dutch higher education program before
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About UAF

Since 1948 the Foundation for Refugee Students (UAF) supports and counsels highly skilled refugees in the Netherlands. We help them with their study and finding suitable employment.

Do you need advice? Contact our Front Office

First do the UAF Advisor, afterwards you can call the UAF for advice or to sign up. You can reach us on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 09:30 to 12:30 via 030-2041504. You can also ask your questions via Facebook or Twitter. Our webcareteam is happy to help you.

Please note: September 17  you can only reach our Front Office from 9.30-10.30 hour.