Broad intake and Participation & Integration Plan (PIP)

The goal of the broad intake is for the municipality to get to know you better. The municipality will discuss your wishes, your work and study experience, and your skills. Together you will make a plan that fits your wishes and ambitions. 

Broad intake

The broad intake takes 10 weeks. During this period the municipality will conduct 2 or 3 interviews with you. It depends on the municipality when the broad intake will start. In some municipalities it will start when you reside in the AZC. In other municipalities the broad intake starts once you have been assigned to a house within the municipality. 

Learning potential test (Leerbaarheidstoets)

During the broad intake you will take a learning potential test. This test indicates whether you can reach B1 language proficiency within the three-year integration period.

Preparing for the broad intake

Be sure to prepare for your appointment with the municipality. Make a CV with your study, work or volunteering experience. Watch our instruction video about making a proper CV (English subtitles available). 

Participation & Integration Plan (PIP) 

After the broad intake, the municipality will draft a Participation & Integration Plan (PIP). This plan will contain all of the agreements you make with the municipality and is your personal plan for your integration process. Examples of agreements include:  

  • your integration route towards study and work (leerroute) 
  • the language school where you will take integration lessons  
  • child care