Do you disagree with municipality's recommendation?

During the integration period, the municipality will help you draft a plan to find suitable work. This plan may include studying, enrolling in a course, doing volunteer work or finding paid work. If you do not agree with the municipality’s recommendation or if you think there are limited options available to you, contact the UAF so we can discuss the problem and help you find a solution.  

Disagree with the municipality's recommendation

Do you disagree with the municipality’s recommendation? For example, did the municipality recommend the B1-route, but you prefer the Education route because it allows you to continue to a higher academic level? If so, request the UAF ‘Advies bij Twijfel’-service. We want to help you get the best possible start on the labour market, which is why we are happy to advise you on the best learning route as a highly educated refugee (B1-route or Education route).

This service consists of an assessment, an interview and an advisory report.

In order to qualify for this service, you will have to meet a number of conditions

  • You have completed at least twelve years of prior education in your home country.  
  • You hold a diploma which has been evaluated by IDW/Nuffic (this can be requested while you are in the AZC).  
  • You have the result of your learning potential test (leerbaarheidstoets) and can share this with the UAF. 
  • You have at least five weeks until the Participation & Integration Plan (PIP) will be finalised. 

Disagree with the Participation & Integration Plan (PIP)

Do you disagree with the agreements in the PIP? Talk with your contact person at the municipality to adjust the agreement. Together with your contact person you can change the PIP if you have good reasons to do so.

Do you want to switch to a different route? You can switch within 18 months from the B1-route to the Education route. Ensure that you have good reasons why you need to switch between routes to prepare for continued education via the Education route.

Is the municipality not willing to change the agreement? Then you can object. You can contact your local Vluchtelingenwerk office (VWN) to assist you with that. Here you can check if Vluchtelingenwerk is active in your municipality. If not, then you can contact the Juridisch Loket.

Please note: objecting against the PIP is a legal procedure that costs money. Make sure that someone around you can properly advise you, for example your contact person at Vluchtelingenwerk. If you object to the agreements laid out in the PIP, you can contest them by following the steps below: How to appeal a government decision? | 

Not satisfied with the opportunities within your municipalities Education route or B1 route

If you are not satisfied with the opportunities within your municipalities Eudcation route or B1 route, please contact the UAF. If we receive several complaints about the possibilities within the learning routes, we will contact the municipality. Together with the municipality we can discuss how to expand the possibilities within the learning routes.