Talent should not be wasted

We are committed to the development of refugee students and professionals and their integration into the Dutch labor market. We have been doing this since 1948. We share our knowledge and experience with educational institutions, employers and municipalities. 

This is what the UAF does

Workshop Leading

We advise and guide students and professionals on their way to a sustainable place in the labor market. We work demand-oriented and offer exactly what is needed to allow talent to flourish.

Financial support

We remove financial barriers that stand in the way of development as a student or professional. We provide gifts and loans, for example to follow a bridging program or a course in professional language.


We identify bottlenecks, act as an advocate and work together with educational institutions, employers and local governments on equal opportunities for refugees so that they can develop themselves further and be meaningful in society.

Tight labor market

In the education, healthcare, ICT, construction and technical sectors there has been one for years acute staff shortage, which will continue to increase in the coming decades. While various sectors are crying out for extra hands, the potential of refugees remains unnecessarily untapped. Refugee students and professionals would love to work in the Netherlands, but the existing frameworks hinder their efforts.

Teaching assistant Nabil was allowed to tell Winston Gerschtanowitz at Miljoenenjacht on SBS6 about the complicated road that refugee teachers have to take before they are allowed to teach in the Netherlands.

Some numbers

Since its establishment in 1948, the UAF has an estimated 40.000 refugee students and professionals. 

In 2023 did 1.523 refugees appealed to the UAF for support. We could 1.080 honor requests. These students and professionals started with a modular coaching program that matches their talents and ambitions.

We had an average of 3.220 refugees in guidance who together follow 4.001 guidance modules.

'Electricity is in my blood'

20.000 donors

Our work is partly made possible by more than 20.000 donors.

3.220 professionals and students

Every year, we support an average of 3.220 refugee students and professionals

Rating grade 8,4

Students and professionals rated our services with an average of 8,4.

Do you want to contribute?

Thanks to the involvement and support of more than 20.000 donors and volunteers, we are able to assist nearly 3.500 refugees in their studies and work every year. Will you help too? Whether financial is, with time or organizing one in action.
Any help is welcome!

What are we proud of?

  • First of all on all 'our' students and professionals. They have the courage and perseverance to make a new start, on their way to a suitable social position. Their efforts are our daily inspiration.
  • The UAF ensured that throughout the Netherlands
    language switching years came. These have a bridging function for refugees with a study wish. Together with educational institutions, we fund this education until a structural solution comes from the government.
  • We develop together with partners work-study programme in tight sectors mbo-level 3 and 4 and on hbo-level. These courses for mechanics, hairdressers, teachers, engineers and healthcare professionals simultaneously provide diplomas and jobs. They are being followed in all parts of the country.
  • We are actively involved in the new integration system which entered into force in 2022. 

Refugees bring their knowledge and qualities with them

In the meantime, countless engineers, technical draftsmen and teachers have started again in all parts of the country. By working together smartly, the UAF achieves quick results and talented refugees find their place. This is the result of the successful work-study programs that we set up together with companies and educational institutions.

Mentor couple

Frequently Asked Questions

The UAF is committed to the development of refugee students and professionals, and to their integration into the Dutch labor market.

We are convinced that anyone who can use their knowledge is meaningful in the Netherlands. That is why we are committed to it. With our knowledge and experience, we advise and connect refugees, educational institutions, (local) governments and employers.

In 2023 did 1.523 refugees appealed to the UAF for support. We could 1.080 honor requests. These students and professionals started with a modular coaching program that matches their talents and ambitions.

We had an average of 3.220 refugees in guidance who together follow 4.001 guidance modules.

In 2019, we switched to a modular approach that meets the (diverse) needs of students and professionals. Almost all modules can be combined and therefore many more (short) routes are possible. This ensures more customization and increases the impact.

By offering our services in modules, we are able to guide more refugees in the long term with the same amount of financial resources. Modular working also offers the opportunity to respond flexibly to changes in society.

The UAF is supported by donors, voluntary mentors, educational institutions, (local) governments, employers and several funds and foundations.

We work with various companies for training programs, mentoring programs, work-study programs, study preparations and more.

The UAF has the CBF quality mark. This means that our organization must meet strict requirements for target spending, cost management and transparency.

The costs of own fundraising compared to realized income is 6,7% (2019) and is therefore well below the CBF standard of 25%.

The costs of management and organization (the part of the costs that cannot be directly allocated to spending on the objective or fundraising) amounted to 8,9%.

Of the total income, 84,4% is spent on our objectives.
There are several options to support us.

You can a guiding refugees as a mentororganize a campaign or fundraising event and support us financially with a donation.

You can choose whether you want to do this structurally or once.

In all cases you help us to make our mission possible: to ensure that refugee students and professionals develop and integrate in the Dutch labor market.

Your donation helps refugees on their way

Do you want to help refugees in the Netherlands to use their talent again and contribute to society?
More than 20.000 donors have preceded you.