Let knowledge and talent flourish

Refugees are people with valuable knowledge and qualities. From real doers to highly educated thinkers. Students and professionals who can mean a lot to the Netherlands. But… still few refugees manage to follow an education and find a job at their own level. Our guidance is therefore very important.

We are committed to the development of refugee students and professionals and their integration into the Dutch labor market. We have been doing this since 1948. We represent their interests, give advice and offer guidance and financial support. We share our knowledge and experience with educational institutions, employers and municipalities. Are you in?

I want support

Do you want to study or are you looking for a job? Find out if the UAF can do something for you. Our guidance and financial support is supplementary to existing facilities.

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I want to collaborate

Do you, as a company, fund, municipality or educational institution, want to offer opportunities for study or work? We are happy to share our knowledge and experience. Discover the possibilities.

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I want to help

Support our work financially or use yourself as a mentor? That is more than welcome. Find out what you can do. 

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We represent refugees interests and share our knowledge and experience

Op smart and effective ways offering opportunities to refugee students and professionals, together with our partners. That is what we do. In 2023:

  • We had average 3.220 refugees in guidance who together follow 4.001 guidance modules.
  • Deden 1.523 refugees appealed to the UAF for support.
  • Were able to honor 1.080 honor requests. These students and professionals started with a modular coaching process that matches their talents and ambitions.

News & blogs

April 11, 2024

Most Ukrainian students were unable to continue their studies here last year

Today, CBS published the figures on the educational participation of Ukrainian refugees in 2023

April 09, 2024

Starting integration takes months, according to CBS research

A new integration system was introduced more than two years ago. Since then, municipalities have been held accountable

March 25 2024

UAF Care Day was again well attended

For refugee healthcare professionals who are working on obtaining their BIG registration, so that they can...

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