Foundation for Refugee Students UAF

I would like to have support from the UAF in order to study
The Foundation for Refugee Students UAF is an independent organization financed by funds. Our financial resources are limited. Annually, we receive one thousand applications but we can only counsel well over seven hundred people. Not every refugee that asks our support is able to get it. The UAF will deal with every application individually and carefully.

What does the UAF do?
The Foundation for Refugee Students UAF supports and counsels highly educated refugees. We advise refugees about their choice of studies and counsel them while they are studying and looking for a job after graduation. If necessary we offer financial support for their studies.

You can ask support from the UAF if the following applies to you (click on a criterion to read more information):

You are a refugee.
    • After your application for asylum you have received a residence permit. You have acquired this residence permit less than five years ago.
    • You do not have a residence permit yet, but your asylum procedure is in progress. You have a valid w-document, which is handed out by the Immigration Service (IND).
    • You have got a residence permit based on the resettlement policy (= on invitation by the Dutch authorities). You have acquired your residence permit no longer than five years ago.
    • You have come to the Netherlands to reunite with your family (family reunification). You have not gone through an asylum procedure yourself, but you have a status based on the refugee status of, for instance, your partner or your parent(s).
    Your preparatory training is sufficient to study in higher education: University or University of Applied Sciences (hbo/hogeschool).
      • In your country of origin, you have at least finished secondary school* and you were ready to start a study at the university.
      • After secondary school you were studying in your country of origin.
      • In The Netherlands you have been admitted to a study in higher education (University of Applied Sciences  or University).

      *Secondary school means that your preliminary training has been sufficient to start a study in higher education (for example the University).

      You speak English, French or Dutch at an advanced level.

        In order to register at the UAF you have to speak one of these languages at level B1 or higher. In order to be admitted to either a University of Applied Sciences (hbo) or a University you usually need the Second Dutch State Exam Programme (NT2-II).

        You are motivated to learn Dutch at a fast pace and an advanced level.
          In order to be admitted to either a University or a University of Applied Sciences (hbo) you usually need to have a diploma of  NT2 (Dutch as a Second Language) State exam, programme II (level B2).
          You are capable of studying independently.
            The UAF expects you to take responsibility for your own progress. We offer (financial) support and advice, but it will be up to you to show you are capable of studying in higher education. You need the right motivation and a proactive and independent attitude to be successful.
            You intend to study in higher education and you want to start as soon as possible.

              Asking for support at the UAF is only possible if you have plans to study in higher education (University of Applied Sciences (hbo) or a University). The UAF does not support private education.

              You have not yet graduated at a Dutch University or University of Applied Sciences.

                UAF is mainly dependent on donations and gifts, our resources are limited. That is one of the reasons we focus on supporting refugees without  a Dutch diploma. If you do have a Dutch diploma at hbo or University level we cannot support another study programme. You can ask the support of our Job Support department for help with training for job applications.

                You are willing to refund part of the payments you received to finance your studies.
                  Part of your study costs will be considered a loan, depending on the type of costs, and your personal situation. Once our support of your studies has ended, you will pay back your loan.
                  You have made ​​agreements with the municipality about following a study.

                    Students over thirty will not receive financial support from the Dutch government. UAF supports these students but we expect that you, before you report to the UAF, first discuss the possibility of retaining your benefits with your municipality.

                    Do you think you meet these criteria?
                    If so, please continue reading.

                    • You have a residence permit, and your Dutch language level is not yet at B1? >> Click here.
                    • You do not have a residence permit yet? >> Click here.
                    • You speak Dutch at B1 level or higher? >> Click here.
                    • You have received your residence permit before January 1, 2013? >> Click here.

                    You have been supported by the UAF before?
                    You have been supported by UAF before and you want to study again with the aid of UAF? >> Click here.

                    Learn more about the UAF

                    Since 1948 the Foundation for Refugee Students (UAF) supports and counsels highly skilled refugees in the Netherlands. We help them with their study and finding suitable employment.  Many refugees have studied, and often received a diploma, in their country of origin. The diplomas of these doctors, engineers, law graduates, economists and others are not recognized in the Netherlands. The UAF helps them with a new start in The Netherlands.
                    >> Learn more about the UAF

                    Resettlement of refugee students

                    With the help of the European Refugee Fund (Dutch national programme), UAF is running a project focusing on the needs of higher educated refugees who are resettled to the Netherlands.
                    >> Read more information on this project Resettlement of refugee students

                    Scholars at risk

                    The UAF Scholars at Risk project is a joint initiative of the The Foundation for Refugee Students UAF and the Scholars at Risk network (SAR) to defend threatened and refugee scholars, academic freedom and university values worldwide.

                    >> Learn more about Scholars at Risk